Welcome to the dollhouse

A hooded figure opens the Welcome to the dollhouse to the van and shoots a smoky gas, causing the girls to faint. Unnoticed, her voice slowly trails off as she sits looking out a bus window. Meanwhile, Toby, Caleb and Ezra have teamed up and are trying to find the girls.

Dawn visits his home and meets his father and mentally challenged brother who requires constant supervision. The person at the piano removes the mask and is revealed to be Mona who is very much alive.

Mark tells Dawn that she cannot expect school life to get any better until she starts high school. Dawn gets in trouble at school after she accidentally hits a teacher in the eye with a spitball.

They vow that even if they are separated, they will always be together in spirit. She had no idea that the girls were kidnapped. They demand to know where Spencer is but Alison is shocked. The girls rush to their rooms and the doors slam and lock behind them and the siren turns off.

Mona tells the liars to sit down and have tea with her and continues acting like she is Alison. Mona tells the girls that it will stop only when they get in their rooms. That night, Dawn smashes the tape and briefly brandishes her hammer over Missy as she sleeps.

Emily notices that there is a camera set up in her room. At the party, Dawn intends to proposition Steve, but gets cold feet and is contemptuously rebuffed. Suddenly, a loud siren begins going off and hurts their ears. Her seventeen-year-old brother Mark is a nerdy high school student who plays clarinet in a garage band and shuns girls in order to prepare for college.

Tanner explains that the vehicle was indeed cyber-jacked, but she is sure that Caleb was the one who did it and helped the girls escape. Another bell chimes and Mona retrieves mail from a nearby mailbox. Aria opens the door to her room but the doorway is blocked by a concrete wall.

The girls, except Mona, decide to find a way to escape. Mona tells the girls that she has run for 90 seconds in every possible direction.

The episode marks the fifth season finale and aired on March 24, The lady informed Hanna that apparently, the warden received an anonymous tip that the five girls were planning something big and so they are being separated from Alison.

That night, Hanna is sleeping in her room when Mona barges in and orders Hanna to get up and tells her that they have three minutes. After a full day searching for Missy, Dawn phones home and Mark tells her that Missy was found by police after being abducted by a pedophile neighbor who lives on their street.Poor Dawn Wiener.

Welcome to the Dollhouse

Even her name spells trouble. The put-upon year-old played so memorably by Heather Matarazzo in Welcome to the Dollhouse has been an icon of outcasts since the day in.

May 24,  · "Welcome to the Dollhouse" was the introduction of an important voice in the American cinema. Todd Solondz's incisive study of a suburban family is one of the best indie films of the last decade.

Having seen it in its theatrical release, we had the opportunity recently to take a new look at it. Mr. Solondz has created a picture of what cruelty /10(K).

Welcome to the Dollhouse is a stark suburban comedy that takes you back to a time when your life didn't make sense (not that it ever does), but this is that awful time when you still believed it should/5(). An unpopular seventh-grade girl finds her life a living hell, thanks to the ridicule of her peers and the indifference of her family.

This critically acclaimed, entirely unsentimental dark comedy 90%. Welcome to the Dollhouse is the twenty-fifth episode of Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars and the th episode of the show overall.

The episode marks the fifth season finale and aired on March 24, Contents[show] Synopsis Hanna, Emily, Spencer, and Aria are in the back of a van being.

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Welcome to the dollhouse
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