Tough guys

They crash through, burying the engine partially in the soil of Mexico a few feet across the border. A tough guy till the end, Archie kicks the lead officer in the groin.

First of all to get 30 years simply for robbing a train, seems a bit excessive for the viewer to even find it believable. They decide to take the train to Mexicobut unfortunately the tracks end a few feet from the border. When the media mock them for their blunder and mistake them for younger men in masks, Archie decides to hijack the Gold Coast Flyer again as it makes its final southbound run.

Worth watching for the final appearance on-screen of this top notch duo. Harry and Archie drive at full throttle through Tough guys fusillade of bullets from U.

Eager to make a clean sweep, the two senior citizens, are looking forward to starting their new legitimate lives. Tired of trying to adjust, Harry and Archie go back to their old ways. The two old tough guys stop a bank robbery by taking down the two young armed gunmen one of whom faints when un-armed Harry and Archie turn the tables on them.

Richie, disguised as a SWAT officer, boards the train and starts it moving again. Tough Guys should have been better, but I feel Kanew spent most of the budget on getting the perfect Sterling cast, rather than to hire a good script writer.

The answer is brilliant. Harry throws Leon from the cab; the hitman vows to get them even if it takes another 30 years. They are told not to have further contact with each other for at least three years. Harry Doyle Lancasterand Archie Long Douglas are released from prison after a 30 years sentence after being caught dead bang robbing a train.

Their parole officer, Richie Evans Carveywho seems to be more of a fan of historically notable criminals than a representative of law enforcement, meets Harry and Archie at the gates and offers them a ride.

Harry and Archie manage to get away. Archie, still allowed to work at age 67, takes a job at an ice cream parlor and later a restaurant. Was this review helpful to you? Then, outnumbered 3-to-one the two old tough guys trash six young street punks trying to rob them.

Ultimately, neither Archie nor Harry can fit into s society. After being humiliated, patronised, and generally treated like dirt for the better part of a week, The two ageing gangsters decide that a life of crime has to be better then honest work, and predictably they revert to their previous careers as train robbers.

Both are in for a shock at how much the world has changed from to Harry reconnects with an old flame named Belle Alexis Smithand they sweetly reminisce about old times. Then they hijack an armored truck, only to find it empty except for a roll of quarters.

Little Eli Wallachan elderly hit man with bad eyesight who still has an outstanding contract on them, immediately tries to kill them.

Tough Guys

The media and dignitaries aboard are surprised, but Harry and Archie gladly answer their questions and pose for pictures.

Director Kanew gives us a new genre here. A Mexican border patrol arrives to arrest them.

Harry refuses, but Archie decides to do it anyway with or without his help. First they try to rob a bank with members of their old gang, but all are now either crippled, invalids or dead. However, all is not as they had hoped on the outside, and Harry and Archie have problems coming to terms with the way the world has changed.Tough Guys is a good movie from featuring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster in their 4th and final movie together.

(WHY Just 4??) Good comedy/drama/action flick. Jun 15,  · Directed by Henry Roosevelt, W.B. Zullo.

With Amber Banaszewski, Jacquet Bazemore, Jack Bodell, Ann Butler. Ten years before the debut of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, two karate promoters and their fighters, a rough group of barroom brawlers, bikers, teachers and steel workers, pioneered the first mixed-martial arts /10().

Tough Guys on SHOWTIME - Two men invent a new type of fighting more than a decade before the UFC. Aug 22,  · Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek star in a redo of “Papillon,” about the terrible things men do to other men in the name of country and righteousness.

Oct 03,  · Directed by Jeff Kanew. With Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Charles Durning, Alexis Smith.

Two elderly gangsters are released from prison only to find they have trouble fitting in as old men who still take no guff from anyone/10(K). Tough Guys is a action comedy film directed by Jeff Kanew and starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, Eli Wallach, Charles Durning, Dana Carvey (in his film debut) and Darlanne was the first film to be released under the banner of Touchstone Pictures rather than Touchstone Films.

Lancaster and Douglas had .

Tough guys
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