The role of flexibility in the work place management essay

Over the years, managers have had different translations and understanding of the core and peripheral group concept. The link between the core and periphery sectors is more complicated than it is generally assumed by the core-periphery model Kallenberg Two main methods of flexibility training static and dynamic can be used, but all types of flexibility training will be more effective after a thorough warm-up, when the body temperature is elevated.

Flexibility also reduces health care cost because staffs have sufficient resources to meet the demands when they have control of planning their time, these flexible working practise reduces stress and depression faced by most employees which directly reduces health cost of the company.

Providing this balance has given us a more productive, stable and reliable workforce. Recession has had an effect on organisation layout and operations causing a lot of people to loose their job and holding unto whatever they can lay their hands on. The company manufactures mainframes and servers, storage systems, and peripherals.

This is a type of working arrangement where a job task is shared between two or more employees. A flexible human capital practise makes organisations more stable, skilled and enthusiastic free from distractions, flexible working practisces helps organisations to attract talents, with the difference in generation of workers with varying lifestyle and working conditions, companies have to re organise their recruitment efforts, benefits plan, productivity incentives, work processes and work schedules in order to recruit qualified hands.

Encourage clients to continue their breathing pattern throughout the stretch. Thus, standard workers are not being substituted by temporary workers Pollert ; Legge, ; Buultjens and Luckie, Sickness absence has been reduced to 0.

Dynamic stretching develops active ROM through the process of reciprocal inhibition, where the agonist muscle is contracting while the antagonist or opposite muscle is carried through the lengthening process. Baltes was saying that when workers were allowed to work with flexitime that means choosing when to resume and close work within a set time frame that it enabled them to always show up for work because they could adjust their schedule to meet up with the time they choose and that compressed working did not affect absenteeism positively or negatively.

The focus should be on bringing the muscle to a point of slight tension. Conclusion What makes workplace flexibility such an unstoppable trend in organisations is that it is now implemented in each entrepreneurial activity worldwide. Can-Fit-Pro recommends performing dynamic stretches prior to an exercise session in a warm-up, and static stretches after an exercise session in a cool-down.

In most cases, flexibility training should last at least 5 to 10 minutes. Chattered institute of personnel and development Flexibility is seen to be important in workplace to both employers and employees because it gives them an opportunity to organise the way they work in a way that will be comfortable with their personal lives.

Compressed hours involve re allocating or reducing the set working hours into fewer and longer blocks during the week.

This does not mean that the entire time has to be spent stretching. Staying active and stretching regularly help prevent this loss of mobility, which ensures independence as we age. Exactly how can both employers and employees benefit from having a flexible workplace?

Vlasios Sarantinos Below are examples of flexible working practise which employees make use of in an organisation: In these essay i am going to be critically reviewing the role that flexibility can play in the work place.

So how can organisations use the flexible firm model for better organisational structure? Cost involved with labor can be reduced and profitability can be increased by using a flexible human capital practise in which you boost the output of one employee and efficiency among groups across the organisation and reduce waste as a result of poor concentration, loss of work time and mistakes.

Success with flexible working practices, Duration of Flexibility Training The length of the flexibility component depends on the needs and motivation of the client. Staff who have participated in this process tell us they feel less stress, handle personal emergencies more easily and have more opportunities for skill building and career growth, 34 Studies In a study investigating the relationship between the availability of flexible work schedules and work-life balance, employees operating under flexible work schedules displayed significantly higher levels of work-life balance than their counterparts utilizing traditional fixed-hour schedules.

Recently, there has been an emerging contradiction in certain organisations that temporary work is often more durable than permanent work, and this contradiction is due to the ambiguity inherent in the contrast between core and peripheral workers.

There are various forms of flexibility which organisations used to engage employees in an organisation Functional flexibility: When an employer is worn out down and his her shift is over another employee takes and continues the process of production.

Improvements in physical and mental health are also associated with workplace flexibility.

Also, it involves a move away from standardised pay structures. Improved flexibility may enhance performance in aerobic training and muscular conditioning as well as in sport. Ina study conducted by UK software-maker Corel, revealed that companies could increase profitability by discovering when workers felt they were most creative, and permitting them to structure their own day, giving them more flexibility and control.

Flexibility In The Workplace Management

While standing on one foot, flex the hip joint of the nonsupporting leg knee extended, like a pendulum. If inappropriate movements are used, small trauma may be experienced over time in the joints or connective tissue from movements that are too fast or through a ROM that is too extreme.

Customer satisfaction can be improved where, customer service hours can be extended or shifted to periods when it is most required, and Workers with different skills can be attracted and retained because of the flexible work system in the organisation to help respond to diverse customer requirements.

An analysis linked to stress pointed the fact that flexible working time or flex time affected absenteeism positively, while compressed working practise had no effect Baltes et al, To further prove that the advantages of workplace flexibility far outweighs the disadvantages, studies on some of the many successful companies who have implemented flexibility in their workplace will briefly be examined below.

Furthermore, Atkinson had proposed an ideal model of the fully flexible organisation Atkinson Aug 18,  · Workplace flexibility is an awesome leadership tool. Use it. I am a talent management and HR tech brand strategist, analyst, digital catalyst, author and.

WHY EMPLOYEES NEED WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY Spillover is a process by which attitudes and behavior carry over from one role to another. Spillover between work and family life can be regarded as negative (i.e., work-family conflict) or positive (work-family enhancement).

The importance and purpose of flexibility

"These two dimensions of spillover might co-exist to some degree. The purpose of this essay is to explore and describe various definitions of flexibility within the workplace and explore relevant theories that describe the importance of flexibility for both the workers and employers that ultimately lead to the success of organisation.

In these essay i am going to be critically reviewing the role that flexibility can play in the work place. Building the culture There’s a clear set of shared values, including ‘the service user comes first’, and ‘people mean business’.

The importance and purpose of flexibility This is an excerpt from Foundations of Professional Personal Training With DVD by canfitpro.

The Role Of Flexibility In The Work Place Management

Flexibility is a good management decision. Managers need to adapt to day-to-day shifts in workplace schedules – employee personal issues, an unexpected influx of work and more.

Managers need to adapt to day-to-day shifts in workplace schedules – employee personal issues, an unexpected influx of work .

The role of flexibility in the work place management essay
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