Serial comma legal writing and research

Making a habit of using the serial comma is probably worthwhile, because when you need it, you really need it. AP Stylists, fashion is leaving us behind. Anything you can do to make it clearer is a good thing.

A law made it illegal for a minor to escape from a detention facility, or while being transported to and from a detention facility. In one lecture, he displays a slide with just one word: By Lindsey Dean Good grammar — following the rules for commas, punctuation, and sentence structure — is considered by many to be essential for effective writing.

Not so much the appeals court, which reversed her conviction. Constitution have influenced court decisions on gun laws, as was the case in District of Columbia v.

Across the Atlantic, the question of a comma famously became a matter of life and death in one case. Because Oxford University Press invented it. You may also find it helpful to read two previous APA Style blog entries about creating lists: As an example of how omitting a serial comma can create ambiguity, if I were to say, "I had lunch with my parents, Barack Obama and the Prime Minister of Australia," it might seem like Barack Obama and the Australian Prime Minister were my parents, which I can personally assure you is not true.

Find this article here. Had there been a comma after the word shipment, it might have been clear that the law meant to exempt the distribution of perishable foods.

This rule also applies to parenthetical citations, in which ampersands are used in place of the full word and. But in that case, the minors in juvenile detention were on a field trip to a museum when one young man went through a window and disappeared.

Constitution have influenced court decisions on gun laws, as was the case in District of Columbia vs. Various interpretations of a comma in the Second Amendment of the U.

Andrea Cammelleri was convicted of parking her pickup truck on the street outside her home in West Jefferson, Ohio, for more than 24 hours. Serial comma partisans claimed victory. Some people put a comma there, others leave it out, and many people, including judges, have strong opinions regarding its use.

In the middle, growing increasingly weary of the controversy?

What’s All the Fuss Over A Serial Comma?

But in the age of informal writing via texting, social media, and email, does grammar really matter for quality legal writing anymore? In a decision earlier this year that brought joy to legal grammarians, English teachers, and writing know-it-alls, the U.

Don’t write wrong: $10 million lawsuit decided over missing serial comma

Until last January, Burley was a partner at the patent and intellectual property firm. May 23, - Legal Writing TipsNews from the BarSlider Of all punctuation marks, the comma is the one most often debated in courthouses; its presence or absence in statutes and other legal texts has determined the outcome of cases—going back in U.

The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of: Inthree Maine truck drivers sued their employer over more than four years of overtime pay that they had been denied.I am a HUGE fan of the serial comma in most instances (especially in legal writing).

In this article, Susan Hankin at the University of Maryland Law School uses the reasoning of New York’s People to make a solid case for keeping that critical comma. Don’t Write Wrong: $10 Million Lawsuit Decided Over Missing Serial Comma / Home/ $10 Million Lawsuit Decided Over Missing Serial Comma.

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Because precision is essential in legal writing, you should always use the serial comma. You’ll never offend anyone by using it and, in the legal world, a single comma can be worth a million dollars.

Review some of APA style's guidelines on scholarly writing for topics such as abbreviations, active versus passive voice, anthropomorphism, capitalization, numbers, and more. Other APA Guidelines Serial Commas Other APA Guidelines: Serial Commas Print Page Report a broken A serial comma simply means that a comma.

“The Science of Great Writing” FAQ; Contact; BriefCatch; Four Usage Fights. 1. Should I use a serial comma? Some say we should omit the last comma in a series because it takes up space.

For lawyers, however, ambiguity is much scarier than an extra comma.

Every authority that matters in the legal world favors the serial comma:. Using Serial Commas by David Becker. Although they aren’t required in journalistic writing, a distinct advantage of using serial commas is clear, unambiguous language, which is a necessity in scientific writing.

How to Quote Research Participants in Translation; The Updated APA Style JARS: Advancing Psychological Research.

Serial comma legal writing and research
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