Round midnight

'Round Midnight

He writes a song dedicated to his daughter in the hope of strengthening their relationship after much time apart. This is an interesting way of telling four distinct journeys that happened to interconnect with each other, and how they touch one another with much needed support and friendship.

Round Midnight

Synopsis[ edit ] In s New York, Dale Turner is an accomplished saxophone player barely getting by playing at local jazz clubs and struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse.

Round midnight, mesmerizing and impossible to put down- This unique and original novel weaves together the lives of four women, who have close or fateful connections and spans decades in time, finally bringing them all together Round midnight one space and time, where they will help and support one another in ways they never expected or counted on.

With time, and after Francis allows Turner to move in with him and his daughter, Turner manages to put himself on his own feet again and starts to get by without a reliance on alcohol. He invites her to the club to hear its debut, but manages to confuse her true age and tells the audience she has just turned 15; she is actually 14, and she makes note of this to Francis, who is seated next to her in the audience.

'Round Midnight (song)

Francis tries to intervene Round midnight few times to keep Dale protected from his old suppliers, and attempts to keep up with all of them. Later in the week, when Dale tires to further bond with her by sharing a meal at a local diner, an old drug dealer recognizes him there, re-introduces himself and implies his supplies are still available to Dale.

Back in the fifties, June and her second husband, Del, are doing okay with a casino and lounge in Las Vegas, which is where the Midnight Club originates. Francis accompanies Dale, and the music community in New York is ready to accept the musician back. But, when they hire a handsome and charismatic, black lounge singer, that brings in Round midnight of money, he becomes interwoven in their personal lives, and June and her marriage are never the same after that.

Rounding things out is the heartbreaking story of Engracia, who inadvertently finds herself embroiled in a volatile situation with Honorata. Turner arrives in Paris and is befriended by Francis, a struggling French graphic designer specializing in film posters and who lives with his daughter, his marriage having broken up.

Things go horribly awry, until Hororata arrives in Vegas and hits the jackpot, freeing her from the prison she was trapped in. So maybe there is a little serendipity that brings these women together, despite the pain, heartbreak, and disappointments that led to this convergence, which is mostly a good thing, and will finally bring long overdue peace for some.

He eventually decides its time to go home to New York to see his old friends and to re-acquaint himself with his own daughter. So many lives will be affected by this situation, especially a young lady named Coral.

After talking with a fellow musician who is currently disabled by illness, Dale decides to try to improve his life by traveling to Paris and making a living playing at the Blue Note jazz club until his luck gets better.

He idolizes the musician and tries desperately to help him escape alcohol abuse.Round Midnight is a superbly crafted music world drama in which Gallic director Bertrand Tavernier pays a moving dramatic tribute to the great black musicians who lived and performed in Paris in %. “‘Round Midnight” is a tune written by the great innovative pianist Thelonious Monk.

Monk claims that he composed Round Midnight when he was 18 and eight years later, Cootie Williams recorded it with his orchestra. It is believed that Williams may have changed the composition slightly but regardless, his name remains on the copyright.

Round Midnight is a American-French musical drama film directed by Bertrand Tavernier and written by Tavernier and David Rayfiel. It stars Dexter Gordon, François Cluzet and Herbie Hancock. Martin Scorsese, Philippe Noiret and Directed by: Bertrand Tavernier. rows · Round Midnight" (sometimes "' Round About Midnight") is a jazz.

Song information for 'Round Midnight - Thelonious Monk on AllMusic. No, Linda doesn't rock out with this release, but on "Round Midnight", she doesn't have to. It's all about Linda's magnificent voice and Nelson Riddles' arrangements. With two hours worth of music, there's a generous helping of Linda singing her heart out with the great American songbook/5().

Round midnight
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