Paragraph journey by train

I enjoyed the view a lot.

A Journey By Train Paragraph

My compartment was full. After that me and my friends waits at the station and check our seats of the train. I got the opportunity of going through different comic books and magazines to relieve the boredom of the journey of long forty-eight hours.

All seemed to be hurrying to and fro. Meeting various types of people during a train journey is a big source of pleasure and entertainment to the people.

A Paragraph about A Journey by Train

I felt triumphal to Paragraph journey by train to my place. We saw uncle Raj standing at the platform to receive us. At last the train pulled up at Rawalpindi Junction. Learn English Grammer Even more interesting than the study of the different characters of my fellowpassengers was the variety of the scenery through which the train passed.

The prospect of visiting Delhi with my parents filled my heart with joy.

A Memorable Journey by Train – Short English Essay

The shouts of the coolies, and the rush of the passengers, were very interesting. The distant trees seemed to move in the opposite direction. After waiting for 4 hours, Paragraph journey by train last, our stop came, and we reached our station which was the Howrah station.

As the train arrived the passengers were rushing towards the compartments. My first train journey During my vacation of the college, I had much time to go to my home, which was in the Kolkata and where my family is living.

I cleared by board examination for tenth standard and had 2 months vacations. At one time the train passed through a dense forest. After leaving the station the rain gained its speed. I was very excited. It was a beautiful train journey. Therefore I purpose to visit Dhaka was to meet uncle Raj and his family and see the attractive place Dhaka, the city of beautiful lakes.

Moreover, you will see here the English vocabulary tests with challenges, paragraph topics, useful Idioms and tenses exercises. The loud talks of the people inside the train still came as reminiscence when I remain in a solitary place even today. It ran between green fields, valleys, hills and forests.

I was missing my parents so much, and they are also waiting for me. There was a great rush of passengers on the platform. The sights that attracted us most on the way were that of the green sugarcane and wheat fields of U.

The cattle wallowing in muddy tanks, the farmers ploughing the fields, idle people sitting and smoking under the village tree, the thatched huts, the spires and minarets of temples and churches, were very interesting and picturesque sights. Then they finally agreed to go for one week. When we are suffering the journey of a train, then it serves the best movement in the life and also serves them well.

We have found many natural seen from the train and in the winter season, all was looking beautiful. The train was delayed at Cuttack Railway station.

I love helping Aspirants. I had many of things from the windows. We adjusted our luggage down of the seats. The journey remained important for the reason that it was a rare opportunity for me in student life.The journey remained important for the reason that it was a rare opportunity for me in student life.

The half yearly examination was to be held after the holidays as per the notification. Sample Essay on a Journey by Train.

Some of the journeys are too memorable in the life, which always reminds to us, but some travel makes the adverse impact on the life, and it erased by the sands of time.

the train journey is the best journey. essay on a journey by train words essay on 'a journey by train in words paragraph on my first train journey studymode words.

Here is your short paragraph on my train journey: I love travelling through train. Meeting various types of people during a train journey is a big source of pleasure and entertainment to the people.

Advertisements: Like many people I have fascination for making journey by train.I am very much found of train journeys because traveling [ ].

During the last winter vacation, out class teacher, Mr. Vivek Sharma wished to take me and some of my friends to Puri and spend a few days there. A Journey by Train Paragraph: A journey keeps a man away from the monotony of everyday's routine bound life.

Once I had the opportunity to enjoy a journey by train from Dhaka to Chittagong. My annual examination was over. I feel like having rest and recreation for some days. One of friend DK Palash requested me to.

Paragraph journey by train
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