Oil drilling in alaska essay example

S which is also among the least developed states with many forests with the accessibility between the villages is through the use of planes. It is very difficult to forget the otters, seabirds and seals covered in oil, which slowly died during the spill of 10 million gallons of crude oil in from Exxon Valdez.

The positive implications of this plan include, developing cheaper, safer forms of energy, reducing foreign oil dependence, and introducing cars with a greater capacity for fuel efficiency. Weather it be for my car, or heating my home, I admit, I do.

Oil Drilling in Alaska

Other benefits that are expected include job creation which will lead to thousands of people being employed more thanThis seismic wave usually sends the whales further offshore. Another issue for the support of exploration is that most Alaskans support this idea. Inafter concluding that the area contained a substantial amount of oil, the Interior Department recommended that the area be opened to drilling.

It is very natural for environmentalists to campaign and strategize plans against the drilling in a wildlife dense area. Those who are arguing against drilling are primarily concerned with two issues, one being the implications oil drilling will have and its effects on one of the most important species of animals to the native inhabitants, causing a disappearance or migration further away from the drilling sites.

In Alaska, there is an estimate of to oil spills annually, which is approximately greater than one oil spill a day Oil spills in, int. These representations can be defended by their uses in various parts of country, such as Hawaii.

If the refuge of Alaska is made open for drilling, then the Rocky Mountains and the coast of California will come in next, and if oil drilling will be open everywhere without any limits, the available oil will increase by magnitude, which can probably ensure the energy source of the US for decades.

Wildlife that might be influenced by an accidental oil spill includes polar bear, caribou, and various fish species that inhabit the water near this region.

Alaska Oil Drilling Essay

Easton, The opening of the oil field also led to the construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, an mile oil pipeline that runs from Prudhoe Bay to the port of Valdez, a city in southeastern Alaska. Cunningham, Therefore, supporters contend, the U. What should be done is for the government to invest dollars from taxes in renewable and clean energy Stage, int.

Interior Department, the federal department responsible for managing public lands owned by the federal government, conducted studies on the potential oil reserves of the Area. How would oil drilling affect the people, animals and plants that inhabit ANWR and its environs?

Native Alaskans are the only population that is given the opportunity to hunt these species hence the process inconveniences them. Yet during the mid-to-late s, after Republicans gained a majority in the House of Representatives, public officials began to reconsider the fate of ANWR.

Any kind of oil spill would be disastrous since it would be difficult to clean up due to the fact that the weather in the Northern Slope is cold.

As an American, I consume my fair share of oil.

Oil & Gas Drilling In Alaska Wildlife Refuge

The prospect of drilling the land for oil should not be presented to oil companies. Fossil fuel consumption is expected to increase in the coming decades. These solutions would satisfy both parties in the argument.

Some public officials, including many Republicans, used those recommendations to rally support for opening the area to oil exploration. Most of the Eskimos in the area favor oil leasing primarily because of the opportunities exploration may provide for their economy, which, for the most part, is still primarily rural.

Alaska’s Oil Drilling Debate

Moreover, these innovative techniques can help facilitate alternatives for consumers and can help lower the rising cost of petroleum products. Nature Throughout history, Alaska has been known not only for its natural beauty but also for its natural resources.

Drilling for Oil in Alaska Essay

Infor example, both chambers of Congress passed a budget bill that would have opened ANWR to oil exploration. Oxford University Publishers, pp 96 — James, K.Oil Drilling in Alaska This Essay Oil Drilling in Alaska and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on mint-body.com Autor: review • December 9 4/4(1).

Oil & Gas Drilling In Alaska Wildlife Refuge Since the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) was established by the federal government inthe refuge has often been considered a symbol of Alaska’s natural bounty. An example that sheds light on the conflict between human interests and environmental responsibility is the controversial approval of the oil drilling in the Northern Slope region of Alaska and the drilling that has already began, in the Tar Sands of Alberta.

Alaska Oil Drilling Essay An example that sheds light on the conflict between human Oil Drilling in Alaska There is believed to be between and. Drilling oil in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) is an important issue for environmentalists, Americans, and the future of the United States/5(3).

In the United States, one important agenda that the government is advocating involves a program that will address the current needs of American society – exhausting its oil reserves in Alaska. By advocating Alaska oil drilling, America can alleviate the plight of consumers with the increasing prices of petroleum products.

Oil drilling in alaska essay example
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