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In addition, at 14 years old I had chance to follow the Yardbirds on tour. As for the Eurock label itself, aside from the extraordinary circumstances of the PPU debut release, the 6-cassette set by Cyrille Verdeaux of Clearlight fame Kundalini Opera production process is a paradigm example of the Indie process in action.

A bit later, I had the original photos scanned to make covers. Its main focus was the exploding cassette music scene as well as Music writing books as the various many other releases on cassette, fanzines, Indie LPs, EPs, etc. My mission was a journey of discovery and exploration, the goal was to turn people on to the amazing music I uncovered.

I think they had a cassette only release as well as an LP titled The Mnemonist Orchestra later shortened. You made a few collaboration albums in the beginning, was there one of those albums you feel was your most interesting early work?

As a result, my budget became limited for importing and selling fewer odd experimental music titles from Europe. Inthey were playing Live at the small Keystone Club in Berkeley, so I drove up and stayed with a friend to see them. As a result of that visit they asked me to donate my Eurock publications to their Museum Archives.

I loved these years of dancing, when dance and music was my life and I had the chance to work with people who felt the same way.

That was the first release on the label released which was followed by a series of original recordings by various other international artists from France, USA, etc. Later due to another quirk of fate at the end of the trip, we were again able to meet up again in Barcelona and film a short interview.

Some years later, another friend who had access to state of art audio equipment in a studio digitized the music for me and dubbed each of us DBL CD copies. Here, I have the great pleasure of presenting that written interview to you.

A prime example of this occurred in with the discovery of experimental music down in Mexico where there was a small but very active and creative group of musicians who discovered Eurock Ironically, once again there was a rapid expansion of parallel importation of mainstream music from Japan.

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InI quit working for anyone else and began doing Eurock Distribution full time while living in LA. I also did a fascinating interview with Gilbert Artman.

Thirty-four years had gone by, and I was not the same person. Attending were a host of French musicians, labels, music fans and people from afar coming to listen, meet and talk.

VOD itself would probably never have heard about such true hidden treasures released on this Box without Eurock and its protagonistic networking, distribution and promotion back then.

I was playing dulcimer all day long, we were living in a small house, with my little kid, and I think, more than a person or an event, it was this entire atmosphere, which inspired me in the making of this album.

We were getting out of traditional music to create our own universe. I flew down there and part of their business plan was to have a direct retail arm of the company. Interestingly the bonanza sell-off you mentioned may partly be related to Eurock as I knew one of the head import buyers at Jem East at the time, Phillip Page, who subscribed to the magazine.

The next day was The Les Frigos event which took place in the Urban Sax studio space, which was otherworldly. There, he introduced me to the town mayor, as well as arranged interviews for me in the local newspaper and to film an interview with one of my favorite original French artists Pascal Comelade.Where children learn to read with stories, songs, games, cartoons, comics and more.

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The Eurock DOC Film. Following the publication of the 4th Eurock book The Music of Gilbert Artman & Urban Sax work began on the next project a Eurock historical documentary film. With the cooperation of several artists musically it will cover the wide diversity of countries, music and history that Eurock has written about and promoted.

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