Making memories stick

To give it a fair shot, Paul tried sketching all her notes from a Making memories stick conference. A fifth-grade science teacher at Trinity was convinced when a student left his understanding of how magnets work on her desk -- a sheet of paper covered in drawings.

Mindshift Want to stay in touch? The practice also makes student learning visible and provides a valuable formative assessment tool. It can be hard to sketchnote in real time and keep up with the flow of a lectures. The two educators have also experimented with using little sketches as ways to take notes in the margins of books.

Going over the drawings also solidifies the information for students.

Making Learning Visible: Doodling Helps Memories Stick

Also available via RSS. Sketching notes makes these story chains visible and tangible. Teachers were more skeptical at first, but the approach and its results slowly won many of them over.

Making Memories Stick

But it may be time to give doodling an image makeover. But Gough and Paul say there are always ways to adapt the practice and new affordances that technology can offer. Sketchnoting has become an important learning tool for these two educators, but they say it was just as important to practice public risk-taking.

A group would meet before school and listen to a TED talk, trying to sketch the big ideas. Both women tweeted out their sketches from the very beginning -- a scary thing to do when the first pictures were mostly stick figures running off the page, but one that immediately helped generate support from other doodlers.

And when students share their drawings with one another, they have the chance to fill in the gaps in their knowledge, and drawings, while discussing the key ideas.

Shelley Paul and Jill Gough had heard that doodling while taking notes could help improve memory and concept retention, but as instructional coaches they were reluctant to bring the idea to teachers without trying it out themselves first.

Subscribe to receive weekly updates of MindShift stories every Sunday. By the end, her drawings had improved and she was convinced the approach could work for kids, too.

When ideas and related concepts can be encapsulated in an image, the brain remembers the information associated with that image.

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They would then share their drawings with one another and talk about why and how they represented ideas. More than anything, Paul and Gough want to offer multiple entry points for students to access learning.

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If a student sketches an interesting side note in the lesson, but misses the big themes, that will show up in her drawing.Making Memories Stick. Some moments become lasting recollections while others just evaporate. The reason may involve the same processes. Scientific American is the world's premier magazine of scientific discovery and technological innovation for the general public.

Readers turn to it for a deep understanding of how science and. Find great deals on eBay for making memories stickers. Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for making memories. Shop with confidence. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Making Memories Stick | This transition from the present mental experience to an enduring memory has long fascinated neuroscientists.

A person's name when you. View Notes - Making Memories Stick from ZOO at University of Wyoming. 74 SCIENTIFIC A MERIC A N C OPYRIGHT SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, INC. FEBRUARY CREDIT TO SIMUL ATE MEMORY FORMATION, an.

Making memories stick
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