Legal alien pat mora

The poem touches the problem of immigrants, who are confused with the desire to enter American society like equals and save their national origins. It is an eloquent attempt to voice their side, it is a well-written lyrical poem, and it is a plea for understanding and acceptance.

Not everybody is so lucky, as the author of the poem, who manages to express her origin in her works and struggle for the rights of Mexican Americans. It seems that Chicanos are bound to forever belong to neither — in a most uncomfortably and uneasy way. In viewing Mexican and American experience, she chooses to emphasize the harmony rather than the disharmony between the two countries and between Hispanic and Anglo cultures within the United States.

They can not return to their native culture, which is left behind. Originally it was used in the meaning of a foreign person but later it got negative connotation. It is written from the perspective of Mexican immigrants, who live in America.

It talks of how a Mexican, even with American citizenship, ends up feeling like he does not belong to either the Mexican or the American society.

Speaking both the Spanish and English languages well, they tend to have accents unique of the bilingual people that they are.

Mora gives us insight into the difficulties people meet when adapting to new culture and coming in terms with their cultural identities in the new place.

Legal Alien

Mexicans perceive their ex-compatriots as strangers. Finally Mexicans come to the realization that despite they possess same rights as other citizens of the country, they still remain aliens, despite their legal status.

Here Mexicans meet a kind of dilemma s they have to assimilate with the new way of life and save their identity at the same time. An American to Mexicans, a Mexican to Americans, a handy token sliding back and forth between the fringes of both worlds.

These people fail in their attempts to join any group. These people use a smile as a mask, in order to hide their fear, discomfort and uneasiness. They convey the feelings and views that the writers want to be put down in written form, and it matters not whether they are right or wrong, prejudiced or fair, diplomatic or totally tactless.

Legal Alien by Pat Mora

His passion and inspiration at the time of writing each line breathe into the composed poem its character. In a way, her bilingual works purports the same message — they are a combination of Mexican and English words and they together form beautiful lines. This estrangement is felt stronger because Americans also treat them as strangers and aliens.

Even their accents classify them as neither Mexican nor American. Pat Mora knows very well what she talks about because she is descendant of Mexicans, who emigrated to America in the beginning of the twentieth century.

Poem of the week: Pat Mora’s “Legal Alien”

In the beginning of the poem we see rather optimistic perspective, described by the author. The smile Mora mentions in her poem is a sad smile of people, who can not find their place in the society, and, what is more important, can not find their place in life.

It contains the personal views of the poet. Its lines, hence, are not grouped into stanzas. People, who arrive to America hope to join multinational community and enjoy rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution but meet and invisible wall, which separate them from Anglos."Legal Alien" by Pat Mora is about being both Mexican and American; she points out that, though Mexican-Americans have the traits of both people, they're fully accepted by neither.

The theme of. Legal Alien Legal Alien by Pat Mora BACKGROUND Pat Mora was born on the border of El Paso, Texas and Mexico.

Legal Alien Summary

Raised in a Mexican American household, she grew up speaking and reading both English and Spanish. Her Extranjera legal by Pat Mora 5 10 15 20 Bi-lingüe, bi-cultural. Legal Alien Essay The beliefs of the contemporary time period is that the voices of all cultures, ethnic groups, gender, and nationalities should be heard and poetry is universal and speaks to all people regardless of their background.

In the poem Legal Alien by Pat Mora, the literary devices that Pat Mora uses are metaphor and personification. 5/5(2). Legal Alien by. Pat Mora. Bi-lingual, Bi-cultural, able to slip from "How's life?" to "Me'stan volviendo loca," able to sit in a paneled office drafting memos in smooth English, able to order in fluent Spanish at a Mexican restaurant, American but hyphenated, viewed by Anglos as perhaps exotic.

Legal Alien by Pat Mora BACKGROUND Pat Mora was born on the border of El Paso, Texas and Mexico. Raised in a Mexican American household, she grew up speaking and reading both English and Spanish.

(Encyclopedia Britannica, p. ) Pat Mora, an award-winning Hispanic writer, undoubtedly wrote her heart down in her poem “Legal Alien. ” Mora was born on January 19, in El Paso, Texas, where her family moved to during the Mexican Revolution.

Legal alien pat mora
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