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The style is deeply rooted in the rhythms of the Gaelic language and in the metres and rhythms of Gaelic poetry. The harping tradition was passed on, father to son, for many years and was one of very few viable career options for blind boys at the time.

He studied music in University College Cork. One player that was the light of the day was Denis Hempson, age 97, being the oldest player there.

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Dynamics are not used. The singer ornaments the tune to convey emotion.

In O Riada took up a post lecturing in Music at University. As the families acted as patrons to the harpers, they would often have solo pieces, known as planxties, written in their honour by their harper.

It was fostered and developed among the powerful and wealthy Irish and Anglo-Irish families. Glottal stopping is use which interrupts the flow of air through the wind pipe.

The harping tradition then became a nomadic one, as harpers would travel from county to county, playing for money and food. Melodic ornamentation used may be melismatic, where a note is replaced by a group of adjacent notes, or intervallic, where additional notes are used to fill intervals between notes in the tune.

He also learned to play piano and played it in both jazz and dance bands. The Bardic harp had between 29 and 31 strings made of wire, which were played with the nails. Rhythmic variation also is common where the notes may be lengthened or shortened.

One famous song is Planxty Kelly. Edward Bunting was commissioned by the Belfast Harp Society to record the lifestyles of the harpers as well as recording and writing down the music from the festival to preserve it for future generations. Extra meaningless syllable are sometimes added to words and some singers slow down at the end while others speak the final line of the song.

Usually around 70cm in height with a curved pillar and a hollow soundbox, the Bardic harp was the more resonant of the two. In the Belfast Harp Festival was setup with the aim of preventing the decline of the harping tradition.

There were two styles of harp: The range tends to be much wider in Munster and many use vibrato so it is most similar to classical singing.

The occupation of a harper was a very prestigious one. However, afteras the great families went into decline, there was a loss of patronage and harpers were left unemployed. The Neo-Irish harp typically had 34 strings made of nylon or cat gut, which were played with the pads of the fingers.

This method, unlike the oral tradition which had existed up until then, did not allow for particular nuances in style and some of these were lost. There was a harping revival in the second half of the twentieth century.

It consisted of eleven harpers from the age of 15 to 97, playing pieces in their own particular style.

In Connemara a lot of ornamentation is use and it is very florid. After a further study in Pariswhere he became involved with Jazz and Greek musicians, he was appointed Musical Director of the Abby Theatre in Dublin in and also returned to work with Radio Eireann.

The songs also tend to have a narrower range.Leaving Certificate Music Irish traditional Music Please see Teachers’ Notes for explanations, additional writing text, grammar. This unit focuses on the Irish Traditional Music section of the Leaving Certificate Music curriculum. Students will need to use their textbooks if they are to gain the.

Leaving Cert Music Mind Maps. Leaving Cert Music Mind Maps Tammy Strickland T+ She’s Leaving Home; When I’m Sixty Four; Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique; The Ball; Essay Questions. Irish Influence on American Folk Music; Developments in 2oth Century; The Céilí Band.

Leaving Cert - Irish Traditional Music This is some Irish music notes I made up, hope they are a help:) I have written out some of the essay questions although not all of them but there is a lot done. essays in Irish; essays for honours Leaving Cert; written compositions in Irish; help writing Irish; ideas for essays; sample essays as Gaeilge; Irish essays; Irish.

Traditional Irish Music > > Listening > > The Beatles Welcome to the Ardscoilnamara Tramore Leaving Certificate homepage.

Irish Music

This site is intended to enhance class tuition rather than act as a stand alone guide for Leaving Certificate Music. Irish Dance Music Much of what we now call Traditional Irish music originated in the Gaelic speaking peasantry of the 18th Century.

The Hornpipe is the slowest dance leaving room for the most complicated of dance steps. Many set dances are Hornpipes. The structure of Irish music is simple.

In the past, most tunes consisted of 2 x 8-bar.

Irish music essays for leaving cert
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