Htaccess rewrite array

You have to add them one at a time because this is the only way to localise failures to individual rules. The next three lines are the actual URL rewriting commands. My thanks to Ulrich Palha for this.

Each rewrite rule has rewritecode, rewritereplace and queryreplace.

JavaScript Performance Tricks

The cookie will expire in approximately minutes 24 hours. The rules that follow are from my original article: Now I can share my Facebook profile by telling people my Facebook username is "noahhendrix", which they know can be found by going to facebook.

RewriteEngine off cookies Lastly, a quick word about cookies. The first prevents existing directories with the! I found it easy to type in sample URLs we want to match and then try to hack together the pattern. The domain of the cookie is set to "corz.

How To Add Custom Rewrite Rules In WordPress

Recent versions of Apache need this, instead. We are going to create a service called shrtr, I made up this name so any other products with this name are not associated with the code I am posting below. The first parameter is the URL pattern. This method is great for legacy web applications that have existing URL structures that prevent us from easily rewriting the backend to understand a new URL schema because to the server the URL looks the same, but to the user it looks much nicer.

Using htaccess Files for Pretty URLS

The first part of this code is unbelievably important! The RewriteRule, its simple dot ". Next we tell Apache we are going to use the Rewrite Engine. Now wordpress will redirect all requests to example.

The second parameter is the URL replacement and the third parameter is the priority. This might look something like this: Also there are many. This creates a URL on the server like example.

In your CodeIgniter project you will typically have a default controller and you will be able to access this controller at the following URLs: Setting a value of 1 gets you almost no information, setting the log level to 9 or trace8, from Apache 2.

You can make use of the "execute the deepest.

Apache mod_rewrite Example: Friendly URL using .htaccess - output in the browser

Also when you visit example.Should I mint-body.comss or Wordpress Rewrite? Where should I place mint-body.comss, in the root of the Wordpress folder (with and those files) or in my theme directory? The one from the root has RewriteBase / and stuff from Wordpress by default.

This does not rewrite the URL to www.

Joomla 5, rewrite with .htaccess

but it does rewrite to https:// – Thom Dec 9 '14 at I found by changing the rewrite condition from RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off to RewriteCond %{HTTPS}!=on that redirection would always happen, this. Need a Mod rewrite regex solution mint-body.comss Redirect, Change URLs or Redirect HTTP to HTTPS in Apache - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mod_Rewrite Rules but Were Afraid to Ask.

If you are a CodeIgniter enthusiast, you know that finding rewrite rules for Apache (htaccess file) is relatively easy, but doing the same for Nginx rewrite rules is not all that simple.

Use these Nginx rewrite rules to get your next CodeIgniter project up and running. Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site.

If there are an arbitrary number, I don't believe that mod_rewrite can do it. – Stephen Ostermiller ♦ Jul 8 '14 at Just to note, as per the original question (before the edit), a " redirect" is probably not what you want.

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Htaccess rewrite array
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