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The curvature of the legs and of the backrest suggests elasticity. From the box chair evolved a type in which the arms and legs were no longer filled in with panelling but which had plain or turned legs, with shaped arms resting on carved or turned supports.

Colours range from white, yellow, green, red, brown, gray to black through countless intermediary tones. During the 17th century the fashion for carved work at first receded but came to the fore again in the console tables tables designed to fit against the wallmirror frames, and high-backed chairs of Court Baroque.

The diphros was a stool standing on four crossed, turned legs, sometimes connected by stretcher bars and sometimes terminating in hoofs or claw feet. There was a wealth of variety in chairback designs, featuring elegant, pierced, vase-shaped splats or two upright posts connected by horizontal slats ladderback.

As a camp stool the form persisted until much later times. When the leaves have been fully extended, the top is lifted and then dropped into place. Similar turned chairs were made in Wales in the 16th century.

Many English four-posters have slender, finely carved mahogany posts, whereas on the Continent the corresponding parts may be entirely covered with the same silken material as that used for the curtains, canopy, and bedspread.

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The example of Morris and his followers was so widely copied on the Continent that many people believe modern furniture design originated exclusively there. As a rule the carved woodwork was picked out decorated with paint and gilded.

Essential to the Egyptian bed, countless examples of this piece of equipment—made usually of wood but sometimes of ivory and faience—have been found in Egyptian tombs. Commodes and other pieces were decorated with marquetry of floral or geometrical patterns, or sometimes with lacquer decoration, again combined with ormolu mounts.

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Pieces found here include tables and inlaid serving stands. At the old royal courts there were social distinctions between sitting on a chair with arms, on a chair with a back but no arms, and having to make do with a stool. A large number of 17th- and 18th-century four-poster beds are still preserved in palaces, country houses, and museums; and most of them have a clearly dramatic, almost theatrical effect.

The four posts supported an expanse of cloth that extended from the head like a canopy, just as the most distinguished row of choir stalls in a church was crowned by a baldachin an ornamental structure resembling a canopy.

The chair is not merely a physical support and an aesthetic object; it is also an indicator of social rank. Inlay and marquetry Inlaid woodwork, in which decorative material such as wood or ivory is set into the surface of the veneer, has accompanied the art of furniture making for thousands of years.

Furniture was so scarce that it was quite usual for a visitor to bring his own bed and other necessities with him.

There are also surviving works from the 9th-8th-century BC Assyrian palace of Nimrud. English oak was the chief material, but softer woods also were used. Mortar was in use by around BC The inhabitants of the Nile Valley and delta were self-sufficient and were raising barley and emmer an early variety of wheat and stored it in pits lined with reed mats.My first online furniture purchase was the SVEN sofa by Article.

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Furniture: Furniture, household equipment, usually made of wood, metal, plastics, marble, glass, fabrics, or related materials and having a variety of different purposes. Furniture ranges widely from the simple pine chest or stick-back country chair to the most elaborate marquetry work cabinet or gilded.

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