Differences and the similarities of the colonies of massachusetts and virginia

Women were equal to men and were even allowed to assume leadership positions within the church. These houses gave way to small-framed houses made from clapboards.

The development of the colonies is well explained by the demographics Browne, It early inhabitants faced many of the same difficulties in establishing a viable colony. In the Virginia colony some colonists have an intention of staying more than a few years.

Contact Us Jamestown and Plymouth: In this free-response essay I will contrast the colonies by how their societies were ran and how their economies affected their way of life. Plymouth provided good anchorage and an excellent harbor. New Englanders turned to lumbering, shipbuilding, fishing and trade.

This was founded in by Captain John Smith. University of North Carolina Press, In Massachusetts, the land was not fertile so their economy centered around the fishing and ship making industries.

Quakers began to populate the middle colonies aroundafter the English crown had seized the colony of New Netherland, renamed it New York, and encouraged the creation of a Quaker colony led by William Penn Roark Slave labor was a long-term investment that was unattractive to all but the more affluent colonists of the area Roark People who were not Anglican were asked to leave the colony immediately this included the Quakers and the Puritans.

Settlement Issues The settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Virginia were almost established at the similar time scale.

Colonies Of Virginia And Massachusetts Bay

Indentured servants who sold their services for periods of up to six, or more, years did much of the work. Many New England communities treated Quakers poorly and many Quakers saw acts of violence inflicted on them in the name of God Roark The story of the help the Pilgrims in Massachusetts received with agriculture celebrated each year during Thanksgiving, and without the help of Pocahontas it is possible Virginia colony would have been destroyed.

Growing tobacco requires a large labor force, and at first the colonists were forced to rely on family members and indentured servants Roark The Shaping of the American Past.

King James the first founded Virginia in Holt, Rinehart and Winston, The records do not mention Standish ever courting Priscilla. Organizers of the company wanted to expand English trade and obtain a wider market for English manufactured goods. Famine, conflict with the Native Americans and sometimes with each other, a lack of supplies, and dealing with the environment were difficulties faced by both colonies.

They naturally hoped for financial profit from their investment in shares of company stock.Colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Bay There are various differences and similarities between the Massachusetts Bay colony and the Virginia colony.

The main areas are of social structure, objectives, demographics, economy and religion.

The Virginia and Massachusetts Colonies: Similarities and Differences

Therefore, the colonists in the Massachusetts Bay Colony bring their children and wives. The. Religious factors that contributed to the establishment of the English colonies occurred in Massachusetts The Lower South European Settlements in North America by Chesapeake Colonies: Virginia & Maryland Chesapeake Colonies The Although located in different parts of the Americas they shared similarities and differences.

Major Differences Between the Colonies. In the last half of the seventeenth century the Quakers began to populate Massachusetts. Quakers believe that neither preachers nor Bibles are necessary to worship God, which is the polar opposite of the Puritan religion.

The southern colonies, like Virginia, were ruled by the oldest legislative. Similarities and Differences between the 13 Colonies Northern Colonies.

How the Colonies of Virginia and Massachusetts Differ. Essay

Religion Puritans and pilgrims settled in the Northern Colonies. Government Puritan conformity and the Mayflower Compact based colonial society and government. The Virginia and Massachusetts Colonies: Similarities and Differences Both the English settlements of Virginia and Massachusetts were borne of the English people thinking that England was already becoming overcrowded, and that migrating to America would ease the problems of population boom (Villamagna, et.

al., ). Sep 17,  · Comparing Virginia and Massachusetts Top 10 Differences Between Canada And America Politics and native relations in the New England colonies - Duration: Khan Academy.

Differences and the similarities of the colonies of massachusetts and virginia
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