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If CBC needs to order cleaning products, system will auto take order to suitable manufacture and then update the inventory data in place order function. You should document as a detailed section in your coursework how you will ensure both process and product quality.

Quality Window cleaning is our top priority

Some companies are here today and then gone tomorrow. If your claim is rejected then you will receive a zero grade for your work. The next functional requirement is about shipping.

Clean Brite Company Essay

It is noteworthy that some customers of CBC do not have web access or do not know how to use computer, so the telephone sales of CBC must able to replace customers to do this process, including place order and query, and then via telephone to service this customers.

Comprehension Discussion summarizing the topic area and ability to extrapolate beyond the given situation. However, if your Extenuating Circumstances claim is accepted then the Extenuating Circumstances Panel will recommend to the Progression and Award Board that you be permitted to retake a different item of assessment at a future assessment point.

Can make qualitative and quantitative judgments about the value of methods, processes or artefacts. If you have extenuating circumstances you may submit your coursework up to two weeks after the published deadline without penalty but this is subject to acceptance of your claim by the School Extenuating Circumstances Panel.

Demonstrates application but lacks critical analysis and evaluation. Customer will able to query the current order status via their order number after login success, such as track the shipping time, and also able to modify order if customer has not been pay bill or the products have not been sent.

Suspected plagiarism will be investigated and if found to have occurred will be dealt with according to the procedures set down by the University.

The system interface must user-friendly and allow users choose their own interface, such as interface templates. Customers use their id and password login to system, then able to take order via the web. There is inherently no silver bullet.

Reports ideas intelligibly without introducing gross distortions and demonstrates knowledge and comprehension. You must NOT submit a paper copy of this coursework. Customer will able to select products, quantities and delivery method, and then click the button to confirm order. Comments on your work will be available from the Coursework page on the Intranet.

System admin must also able to view the statistics information of the system usage status, including system flow statistics, user login statistics, and so on. Gives good accounts of work done by others. We make it, we use itwe sell it and we teach others how to use it.

Clean Brite Company Essay Sample

The wind blows sand and irrigation sprinklers onto your windows, making for dirty windows and hard water stains that can obstruct your view and eventually, damage your windows. Achieved the aims of the work with good ability shown in some areas.

Assessment Criteria This is a level three degree coursework and therefore, as well as a demonstrating that you have learnt some facts or skills, you are being assessed on your ability to research, think and reason and then articulate your Clean brite company coursework and conclusions. Grading Criteria This is a course in system building and not graphics design therefore no marks are allocated for desktop publishing or even word processing.

The paper in Section 2 should following typical format of a formal academic paper. Reports ideas with accuracy and thoroughness. You deserve bright and clean windows from the original window cleaning team you can trust You will be assessed on the following points: The next functional requirement is system maintain.

Demonstrates ability to engage independently in researching material.Clean Brite Carpet Cleaning, LLC When you demand the best in service and value!

Here at Clean Brite Carpet Cleaning, LLC, we have been involved in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry since /5().

Clean Brite Company Essay Coursework Header Sheet Coursework is receipted on the understanding that it is the student’s own work and that it has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessment. Clean Brite Company (CBC) Ltd. is the supplier of cleaning products in UK.

It was set up in InCBC bought out its main competitor Scrubaway Allbright Ltd. (SAL), and began to integrate business and merge operations. Brite & Clean Windows™ is the only window cleaning company in the Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage, Indio, Beaumont, Banning, Yucaipa and Redlands area that can remove ANY hard water stain and help keep it from coming back with the patented award-winning Diamon-Fusion® system.

A Brite Company is a chemical blender of our own line of industrial cleaners and environmental products. We are a toll blending stocking distributor for MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions. We are a regional distributor for Palm metals, Houghton International metal-working fluids, Hubbard-Hall chemicals and Green Power Products.

About Us. Clean Brite of Canada Ltd. is a franchised janitorial service company with its head office in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Clean Brite has been incorporated for 25 years; however, the principle and managers have been in .

Clean brite company coursework
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