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The name means "Four minarets ". There are winding steps to reach the upper floor. The Charminar has long been the icon of Hyderabad. The size of the city is about square kilometers.

At each corner stands an exquisitely shaped minaret, 56 meters approximately feet high, with a double balcony. While laying the foundation of Charminar, he performed the prayers in Dakhini couplets, which are recorded as follows: It is similar in its significance to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

The mosque is made of granite. The Golconda Fort was the capital of the Qutb Shahi kingdom. These were built along with the Charminar in the 16th century.

The Hyderabad city is twinned with Secunderabad which is separated by Hussain sagar. In he signed the treaty of Machilipatnamsurrendering the coastal region to the East India Company in return for a fixed annual rent.

Hyderabad, India

The Nizams ruled their princely state from Hyderabad during the British Raj. To commemorate the end of the plague. Char Kaman and Gulzar Houz[ edit ] Main articles: For more interesting Geography articles and videos, visit: These speculations have not been confirmed till date since the existence of any such tunnel has not been reported.

There is a vazu water cistern in the middle, with a small fountain for ablution before offering prayer in the Charminar mosque. This landmark monument was constructed to serve as a Mosque and a Madraasa.

Some are of the belief that it was built by Qutb Shah for his wife Bhagimathi. The main gallery has 45 covered prayer spaces with a large open space in front to accommodate more people for Friday prayers. Historians opine that the inadequacy of water and plague forced Quli Qutub Shah to construct a new city.

The lowest recorded temperature was 1."Charminar Hyderabad Essay" Essays and Research Papers Charminar Hyderabad Essay The following is a list of tourist attractions in Hyderabad: • Ananda Buddha Vihara - It is a Buddhist tourist destination.

The size of the city is about square kilometers. hyderabad was found in the year by fifth Qutb Shahi Ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. It is the capital of Andhra Short Essay on Hyderabad.

Charminar: Charminar, (Urdu: “Four Minarets”) historic monument located at the heart of Hyderabad, west-central Telangana state, south-central India. The city, which is the capital of both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states, was also the capital of the historic princely state of Hyderabad.

The monument was. Jun 12,  · Charminar is a biggest attraction & Pride of Hyderabad city.

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It was constructed in by Mohammed Quli Qutab Shah. He made Charminar for the stop plague in Hyderabad town. Since the construction from the Charminar, the Hyderabad town has virtually become a landmark of the historical site.

The Charminar is a very big Reviews: Mar 21,  · The city of Hyderabad is often identified with the majestic Charminar.

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Its enormous size and majestic splendor attracts a number of visitors. Short Essay on 'Char Minar' (80 Words)Author: All Essay.

An example of Islamic architecture, Charminar is a beautiful monument in Hyderabad, India. Let’s have a look at its history, architecture, entry fee and visit timing etc.

Charminar hyderabad essay
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