Case study 9 2 innovative company

The positive feedback received from both industry and academia suggested a keen local interest in TRIZ and its reported benefits.

Once dry the paper Case study 9 2 innovative company is folded and assembled. This was attributed to SMEs typically operating in rapidly changing market conditions with limited technical and financial resources.

The project leaders were responsible for reporting the progress of the teams and championing TRIZ within their companies. The best solutions generated during this activity were from the following trends: Figure 13 illustrates a solution that has been developed to apply a consistent thin layer of viscous liquid to a surface and has been developed for corrugated cardboard manufacture.

The Dynamization trend suggested to the team the use of flexible membranes or components on both the wheel and the blade tips to further ensure a thin, repeatable film of glue was always applied. The sessions were run by the overseas expert and HKPC consultants.

The novelty of the solution is in the generally helical nature of the applicator blade and the exact geometry of doctor blade tip. Original Spreader Blade Figure 6 from the previous case study illustrates the surface segmentation trend. December 6, By: This trend was again used in the SamSam project, in this case suggesting to the team that there was an advantage moving from a smooth surface to a surface with 2D and 3D protrusions or to a surface with active pores.

The principal activities of the Group are development, manufacture, sales and distribution of audio and video products for automobiles and the home. In terms of the training, it was reported that this amount of training was too much for the average Hong Kong based SME.

The solution consists of a notched doctor blade that forms equally spaced glue droplets see Figure 14 on the application roller, and a second un-notched blade that spreads the beads to form an even thin layer of glue. Roundtable DiscussionVideos How does the new Readiness Assessment Tool help to generate more and better innovation, as well as faster and cheaper innovations that bring revenues?

OP also wanted to solve a number of packaging related problems to decrease fixed costs and increase profits. Apply the assessment tool to your own company to create a common understanding of what holistic innovation management means, to structure, analyze, and measure the innovation potential of your firm, identify areas of improvement, and ultimately to design and implement recommendations tailored to the unique position of the firm.

Function and Attribute Analysis Diagram of the problem The functional model and the analysis of the model in the Innovation Suite software allowed the team to identify the major problem and identify a number of opportunities for solving the problem. Geometric Evolution Discontinuous Evolution Trend Figure 16 illustrates the geometric evolution of volumetric constructions trend.

Case Study 9-2 Innovative Company

The final solution direction is illustrated in Figure 8. Surface Segmentation Discontinuous Evolution Trend The surface segmentation trend suggests that there is an advantage to going from a smooth surface to a surface with 3D protrusions.

Floam equalizes pressures when it is applied to cushion impacts. An education programme was also carried out with some 80 students from undergraduate and post-graduate programmes from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the City University of Hong Kong being introduced to TRIZ.

They identified that there was a trade off between the need to quickly and easily apply the glue and the fact that the glue was absorbed by the tracing paper.

The team, therefore, wanted to develop a solution that had all the advantages of the two aforementioned packaging methods without any of the negative aspects. In this article we want to provide you with the key findings of our study.

Eight companies were selected to participate in the programme having been assessed against the following criteria: The aims of the programme were for each company to realise new products, patents and tangible financial benefits, and to measure the extent to which TRIZ allowed companies to accelerate their rate of innovation.

Creative Leadership How did a small organization kick-start a process that doubled the amount of nature in the Netherlands? Reports The trends and challenges impacting contact centre people, processes and technology, illustrated with case studies and in-depth Interviews with customer service leaders.

They are, in other words, useful, but in themselves are insufficient to be valid as definitive solutions. With the existing doctor blade having a surface with 2D protrusions the team explored a number of three dimensional surfaces that assisted in improving the application of the glue.

Several potential candidate material systems were quickly identified using this strategy. In total, more than engineers, designers and managers received introductory lectures and seminars from HKPC consultants.

April 21, By: A number of other trends, including Dynamization Figure 19, above were used to develop these ideas.Case Study Innovative Company. Case 9‐2 Innovative Company Descriptions ACC invested capital Debt Preferred stock Capital Common stock structure Gale & Yeaton's shares Common shareholders' equity of IEC Income statement Income after income taxes but before interest costs and tax savings Interest expense Tax savings Net income.

Case Study 2 – Reducing defects in the manufacture of paper bags The company SamSam Productions Ltd successfully worked through several problems during the course of the programme.

The following project was to develop solutions for reducing the number of rejects in the production of decorative paper bags (Figure 9).

Case study Private investment and capital Snap Fashion’s visual search engine allows consumers to find fashion items using photos they have taken or found online.

Case 9? 2 Innovative Company Descriptions ACC invested capital Debt Preferred stock Capital Common stock structure Gale & Yeaton’s shares Common shareholders’ equity of IEC Income statement Income after income taxes but before interest costs and tax savings Interest expense Tax savings Net income after income taxes, interest costs.

Innovation case studies. Innovation icons. To get ahead in a competitive world, every company needs to find a unique angle to stand out from the crowd.

Innovate UK: case studies

An innovative solution to nuclear waste. Andy Barr’s core business used to be manufacturing dredging tools for scallop trawlers. Now he’s helping clean up decommissioned nuclear power Location: Regent's Park, London, NW1 4SA. 2 ITC’s E-Choupal: A Mirage of the Poor?

E-Choupal is a novel initiative of ITC Limited (ITC), an Indian conglomerate, to improve its marketing channel in.

Case study 9 2 innovative company
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