A young india a boon or bane

Many industries have remarked that people coming out of colleges and universities in India are not employable and they have to give them skills training before they start their work. Human development must go hand in hand with population growth.

The demands on the environment cannot be overlooked either. The figure is indeed a silver lining and a reason for the whole world taking India seriously with investments are pouring in, growth rate is steadily high and with companies are no more enjoying monopoly, consumers are having their last laugh.

Demands of this population With a huge working population will also come a huge consumption boom, as it has happened in China. Cities are bloating with literary no adequate facilities, villages are struggling with industrial pollution, general public is overburdened with hefty daily routine and traffic snarls etc.

Taking A young india a boon or bane of our population Our infrastructure today is no way capable of taking proper care of our ever increasing population.

We need to use our technological skills and replace our age-old systems with innovations to reduce the resource burden. How these two countries manage resources like water, cultivable land, oil and energy needs will be critical. It is estimated that byUS will be short of 17 million people of working age, China by 10 million, Japan by 9 million and Russia by 6 million.

Economic growth require not just a large working population, but people who are trained and skilled to work in different industries.

We need 66, primary schools and new health centres every year to cater to our population growth.

The Truth about India’s Young Population, and how it can be a boon or a bane?

But are our youth unemployable? You might also like to read. Our consumption is soaring high keeping the planet polluted and contaminated with trees are being cut, forest are reduced, water is exceedingly dipping etc.

Global Warming is already a big problem.

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We need innovative and sustainable solutions in energy, transportation, sanitation, manufacturing, and agriculture. Resources are scare, we need to nurture them with utmost care for the benefits of generation to come. As we all know that our PM Narender modi recently launched "Skill India campaign" under which the govt trained 40 crore people of India in different skills.

The present situation is a win win situation for India, but question remains the same if India can manage such a massive turnouts? I think our Indian population should bane RE: Byit is expected that million people in India will reach working age, which will be the largest in the world.

We need to work on our policies to make sure those who are still in school and colleges get the best education and be ready for their opportunity when it arrives. Life become unbearable RE: Youngistan - Will it mean a boon or a bane for us?

By this peoples become skilled and presently many foreign companies are invested in India so these skilled person get the job easily in these companies.

Unemployment increasing tremendously unemployed youngsters are dangerous may start routing looting increase crimes Government unable to control them. We are a nation of great talent, and we stand before times which might be our big opportunity to take the leap in the world order but we also face significant challenges.

If we take all this into consideration NOW, and frame policies and act responsibly, I am sure we are capable of transforming this huge young population into a boon rather than a bane. Population outburst has not spared India and economy is reeling to manage demands of every citizens.

If we follow the same model as followed by American and European development, environmental deterioration will end up destroying the whole planet. Having said that, when world is pondering to find a solution to population woes, India is proudly claiming to have youngest population, i.Economic theory suggests that when the proportion of young people in a region increases, a significant boost to economic growth should happen.

However, in case of India this is not likely to meterialise, Ambit Capital said in a research note. A Young India A Boon Or Bane. Nuclear Energy in India - Boon or Bane? Points to be known:Nuclear power is the fourth-largest source of electricity in India after thermal, hydroelectric and renewable sources of electricity.

There are nuclear reactors in the world. And some more nuclear plants are in construction. To sum it all up, the TNPL is a very good initiative to promote young talent in cricket, and has proved its worth within a short span of three years.

However, it still has a long way to go. The TNPL has given a platform to youngsters to showcase their talent. Sad to say that the youth of today's India is murdered by the very essential necessities of theirs i.e.

Whirl pooling Whats app and Frightening Facebook. I might sound a bit rude but this is the unfortunate reality of our " So called Youngistan ". Science Is a Boon Or Bane In Socities the Commonwealth Writers Prize (Overall Winner, Best Book).

Young India A Boon Or Bane Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2018

Set in India in the early s, it is the story of a young girl, Lata, and her search for a husband. Young India A Boon Or Bane quotes - 1. It is often said that the earth belongs to the race, as if raw land was a boon, or gift.

India's huge population - bane or boon?

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A young india a boon or bane
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